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Hello, my name is Joe and I’m the ride director for East Side Cycling Club.  Our club President, Jim, is a co-chair for this year’s TdC at Lake Nona.  ESCC participated in the Tour de Cure this year, and supported the last SAG.  My friend and I took pictures along the route, and are providing them in support of the TdC.

The pictures are FREE, but please donate!!!

The pictures are free to download off of my friend’s web server.  They’ll come full size, without watermarks or copyrights.  We ask that if you like a picture enough to download and use, please donate some more to the Tour de Cure.

You may have seen my friend Rory taking pictures at the airport.  He’s not a cyclist, but drove out from Titusville to help the cause.  I was at the start, by the Lake, and at the airport.  The pictures will be located on Rory’s web server at:

You can donate directly back on the Tour de Cure website.

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