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How We Roll!

Tuesday evening, Jim Perry, called a ESCC meeting to order not only to discuss the clubs Purpose, Vision, Mission, Priorities and Motto but also to pass on his leadership role to a council of three. From now on the club will consist of a three person board which will be elected by the current leadership set into motion and voted by the club. This vote was an unanimous decision by all in attendance.

The new ESCC board:
Daniela Sierra, President
Jerry Hertzler, Vice President
Dave Brillhart, Second Vice President/Spreadsheet maniac the first

Our biggest focus at Tuesdays meeting was safety and sadly the many accidents we have had in the past 1-2 years. Our focus was on how every one of those crashes could have been preventable.  Outgoing Ride Director Joe Jacoby proudly introduced Lez Mencia, from Advance Cycles, who not only gave GREAT tips on how to safely ride in a group but has also graciously offered his Advanced Cycles race team to come out and ride with our group to critique during our ride. Laz said, We will ride next to you and when we see something incorrect we will go to that person and correct them, little things as grabbing our bottles for a swig to proper rotating and distance between wheels. This is a great benefit to the club and for the future safety of everyone. They will be firm and to the point. They will not come out to baby us but to help us. Please take their suggestions seriously.

For anyone that would like a copy of our vision please let me or any of the other leaders know and we will gladly get it to you. The board will meet every 4-6 weeks to ensure nothing goes untouched. It is also important for us to know how many active members we have, so please if you haven’t already please either register online, or grab a membership form to fill out, pay your dues and become a full member of the ESCC.


Our motto: Faster, Stronger
“Our motto speaks to our motivation to continually push ourselves in our individual fitness goals and take on big challenges. We also support and encourage each other in these goals. Faster, Stronger requires the self-control to know our limits so we don’t hurt ourselves or others, that self-control is an admirable quality and not a weakness.”

-Daniela Sierra

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