Michele & Reg Ullmann, B Group Captains

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Michele & Reg Ullmann

Ride Captains B1 or B2 rides subject to scheduling.

Reg is the Research Buyer and Bill of Materials Database Administrator for Correct Craft, manufacturer of the Ski Nautique and Air Nautique ski and wakeboard boats.

Michele is the Director of Human Resources for SimCom, a simulator training company pilots of general aviation and business aircraft .


Our machine is a custom made tandem bicycle. The frame was designed and built by master frame builder Dennis Bushnell in Seattle, WA. It was purchased through Tandems Limited of Birmingham, AL who also provided a great deal of help in choosing the components and did the initial assembly.

Six Stainless Steel precision couplers are integrated into the frame allowing the bike to be disassembled and packed into two 26″ x 26″ x 10″ suitcases, the maximum size permitted by airline regulations for standard checked luggage.

The frame material is steel with tube diameters and wall thicknesses hand picked by the frame builder for the best combination of stiffness, comfort and weight based on our sizes and the type of riding that we do most often.

Carbon fiber components include; Reynolds Ouzo fork, Campagnolo Record brifters and FSA cranks. Derailleurs are Campy Centaur with a triple on the front and 9 speed in the rear. Wheels were hand built by Tandems Ltd. from 36h Velocity fusion rims laced to Phil Wood hubs. Chain rings are FSA 53-39 for the big and middle rings with a heavy duty 26t “granny gear” for the hills. Cassette is a modified Shimano 12-27 spaced for Campy 9sp. Brakes are Campy Centaur with Kool Stop pads. We also have an Arai Drum brake that can be added if we ever make a trip with long descents that might need it.

There are also a couple of additional “custom on custom” features that make our machine particularly unique;

  • A specially made GPS mount that clamps to the stoker’s top tube and is painted to match the frame. The Garmin GPS bike clamp also required machining modifications; milling, drilling and tapping it to fit it to the custom mount.
  • Two “double bottle cages” fit in the in the Stoker’s compartment and hold four water bottles where most bikes only hold two. The positioning of the top bottle in the double cages allows easier and faster access. In the summer heat we can carry a total of 6 bottles and have used them all on occasion. All of the cages are custom painted to match the frame, including the Gold to Blue fade on the cages that fit near the transition areas.

When we travel with the bike, it takes about 1-1/2 hours to carefully disassemble or reassemble it to fit in its cases. So far, we have flown with the bike to three Lance Armstrong Foundation Rides in Austin, TX and one Midwest Tandem Rally in Minnesota. When we drive, it rolls right into the back of our Honda Odyssey fully assembled. We’ve driven with it to numerous cycling events all over Florida as well as a few in Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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