UPDATED – Avalon Park Wed Season Close …

Training Rides on October 5th, 2011 3 Comments

ESCC panther onlyWednesday Night Avalon Park Rides Finale for the Season

Well the sun dips lower in the sky at this time of year and we have to bid farewell to the Wed night rides for now …

As is tradition, we will make our final ride next Wednesday (19OCT) 6pm departure from the Avalon Park YMCA.  We’ll take one fast lap down innovation way, then head back to the Eastside Bistro for drinks and some “table cycling.”

The “Airport” Wed night rides will commence soon so if you’re looking for a fast training ride after work during the winter months, check out that ride.  There is a group that usually leaves Advanced Cycles and heads to Heintzelman, or you can park off Cargo road, warm up a bit, and watch for the assembly of riders typically at 6pm.  Bring lights and clear lenses for your glasses!

3 Responses to “UPDATED – Avalon Park Wed Season Close …”

  1. Mike Stockslager says:

    I’m going to be in orlando for the week of 4/3- 4/10. What type of group usually shows up for the Wed night ride? How far do you ride?

  2. Gordon says:

    Hi Mike, usually we do about 22 to 25miles light-permitting … the A group is pulling about 22 to 25mph, B group around 20 to 21 mph. Wed night is _not_ a no-drop ride since we typically have fast riding and some splintering – however our normal “course” is very simple and easy to navigate – we can chat about it ahead of the ride if you’d like. We do try for a prompt departure …

  3. Ted says:

    It was great to see George and Gordon after what seems like forever. Thanks for the warm reception. I really enjoyed the new (for me anyway) route. Hope to get out to see you all again soon!