Saturday Rides

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The ESCC hosts regular Saturday morning training rides, originating at the Avalon Park YMCA, 12001 Avalon Lake Drive Orlando FL 32828.

Groups depart at 7:30 am. Plan to be there about 10 minutes early for Club announcements and to take care of Liability Waivers if you haven’t signed one yet. 

Two groups typically form, depending on turnout: A and B+. If there is enough interest there will also be a C group.

The C’s usually include some hybrids and groups of triathletes that are looking to do non-drafting training. Pace should be at 17 to 18 mph solo. C group nominally hits distances of 20-25 miles or so. The C group is a “no cyclist left behind” group. C group Captains will MAINTAIN THE GROUP TOGETHER. Ride routes are in the local Avalon Park area on public streets.


Here is a map of our A and B+ route.

B+ group starts together, but often splits at a mid point in the ride. This group is a “no cyclist left behind group” and a great place to build handling skills and strength. All B’s should be ready to pull at 19 to 21 mph, and draft at the equivalent of 18 or 19 mph solo. B Captains will MAINTAIN THE GROUP TOGETHER.


The “A’s” will be going typically 50 miles based on group concensus. The “A’s” are the “get on & hang on group” – if you’re in the “A’s” and you get dropped please be prepared to navigate yourself home safely. “A” pulls are typically 23mph+ and draft at the equivalent of 21mph+ solo.

Our current route starts at the Avalon YMCA and goes north through UCF and turns at the corner of Lockwood and Chuluota. The ride continues east onto Snowhill and through some back roads to Ft. Christmas. We then head south to the Fort for a rest stop and water before returning to the Y. This route provides plenty of options for more or less miles. This route may vary due to construction.