Eastside-Logo-XSmallThe Eastside Cycling Club in Avalon Park, Orlando, Florida was formed unofficially in February 2009 when a group of cyclists from the Avalon Park YMCA started cycling together, and wanted a much bigger group ride.  Our first rides were fast and  unorganized and we soon got a reputation as a group that pretty regularly dropped cyclists who could not keep up…

Gordon King, Jim Perry and John Turner got together and brainstormed to try and increase the number of cyclists at our Saturday ride.  In June/July 2009 we started actively marketing the club, and in July had our first meeting.  July 2009 was the turning point and now we have an active A, B1, B2 and C group, with designated ride captains.

Come Join Us-Get Stronger, Get Faster with The Eastside Cycling Club!!!